Thursday, April 18, 2013

Monique from Hongkong

We love everything about Monique, her style,her photography and efficiency in posting up the lookbooks!

Monique Channing
A 21 year old Fashion Stylist & Fashion Blogger

 Featuring feather printed skort

 Featuring (HS)draped romper

Check out Monique's blog here :

Carrie K from Hongkong

Once again, we are honored to have carrie featuring (HS) outfits!
Her new hairstyle was amazing!

 Featuring (HS)eyelet playsuit
Carrie styled it in a fun way, she wore the playsuit as a top and also throw over with a cardigan

  Featuring printed skort

 Featuring colourblock dress

 Visit Carrie's blog here :

Camille Sioco from Sydney

 Short intro of Camille:
25 years old and live in Sydney, Australia.
I’m Filipino with some Chinese and Spanish in my blood.

 Featuring swallow printed romper

 Visit her blog here: